A Strong Brand Drives Demand. Full Stop.

A Strong Brand Drives Demand

If you run marketing at a B2B company and you prioritize demand generation over building a brand, you’ll eventually hit a wall. You’ll stop growing at the rate you were use to. Sure, you can pour more money into different paid programs, crank up PPC, add more field marketers, more SDRs, and more sales reps. However, at some point, you can’t spend your way to high growth. And if you think you can, it’s often fleeting and expensive.

Here are some of the symptoms of a lackluster brand:
😱 Your campaigns are no longer performing
😩 Your CAC is out of control
😡 Your churn is high
🤬 Competitors are nipping at your heels
😭 There’s downward pressure on price (from sales and your customers)

Yet you have the BEST product. And that’s what you focus on. The features and functionality. Not on your brand. There’s no emotional hook; there’s no story. It’s all about you, and not on your customer.

Without a strong brand:
👉You can’t charge a premium
👉Your customers can’t differentiate between you and your closest competitor
👉Your customers won’t be brand advocates

As consumers, we expect brand to matter. Think Apple and the premium they charge. B2B companies can do that same.

A Strong Brand Drives Demand. Full Stop.

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